Talking to my angels on the way to the hosp. ( a 45 min drive Rick was in the midst of the heart attack.

All the way there I was asking our Angels to make sure that the Drs. and nurses be very well trained and efficient and that all procedures be performed w/out a hitch.

They took him right in and w/in about 45 min. he had 3 nitro pills and two baby aspirin and was transferred to Rowan Medical about a mile down the rd. because the VA does not have a cath lab (we did not know this before hand).

All procedures went extremely well..no problems w/ the angioplasty or the stent insertion.
The nurse later told us that his procedure was ideal and that often they encounter problems w/the stent procedure.

The hospital was a freaking maze requiring a ride in the elevator to the lobby , getting another elevator and going back up to the 1st floor to the Cardio ward.
All very confusing to one who is stressed and worried. I tend to lose my sense of direction in hospitals,yet every time I needed help finding my way....someone INSTANTLY appeared to help!

Later that night I got lost ( new area and dark) my Angels got me back to a spot that was familiar and I found my way back to the freeway. I thought I was ok at that point however.........I overshot my exit,had to turn around and go back.By now my brain was totally numb and I ended up driving in circles for the next hour even though I kept begging for help.I had NO IDEA where I was!

I finally lost it. Tired ,fatigued,hungry, scared and worried ....I began to cry and screamed at my Angels that they were supposed to be helping me,”WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING ME?!”
As if in a dream I could see the ribbon of freeways in front of me that appeared as an interchange. I continued wondering what I should do.

Almost immediately my exit appeared (although I knew that I was too far out to be seeing my exit)

Taking the exit, relief flooded through me as I recognized my location. it was as if Someone picked my car up and sat me down at the correct exit!

By now I had a very full bladder and there were no places to stop as it was a Sunday night nearing 11 pm in the country. A few miles from home now and pushing hard I caught up to a slow driver.

Everyone knows that feeling of having to go really bad and there is no way to pass the car creeping along in front of you. By now I was beyond “asking”...I commanded that the angels “get those people out of my way!”

They made the VERY NEXT TURN!!! and my path was completely clear to my front door.

The next morning while sitting at the DR table and worried about the huge Hospital bill ($17,000) that loomed in our future,I said to my Angels.....We do not have this kind of money, and I want the VA to handle this bill, or show me how to pay it. The phone rang immediately and it was the VA rep. assuring me that the VA was picking up the bill and would also cover Rick’s return visit to the Rowan cardiologist.

Unless someone actually lives through a weekend like this one...they wouldn’t believe it.
Gratitude,Gratitude, Gratitude!!!"


"Hi Jill Marie

I would like to thank you for this seminar. I am enjoying it so much. I highly recommend this seminar to beginners and advanced students to develop their “Clairs”. You know I am very gifted where the Clairs are concerned but I have got so much more out of this seminar already. I work with my angels and talk to them all of the time but you know I forgot to actually ask them their names and how they are helping me. Now I can easily tune into my angels for guidance and assistance in an instant.

Much Love & Light"

Karen Bartlett

"Jill, In December, my daughter found herself in a nasty situation.

I began the Innate Abilities Seminar and after a few weeks I asked my angels to assist in this excruciatingly painful situation for all concerned.

I received a call from my daughter within a 24 hr period of asking my angels for help. All blocks had cleared and resolved and my daughter and her family were full steam ahead to getting their new home.

Although I can not say that I am seeing angels, I take this experience as proof that they definitely HEAR me and DO assist.

Today I am full of gratitude to you and my Angels.

Thank You Jill and blessings,"


"Hi Jilly

I started to write a testimonial and then I got a feeling that my fairy angel wanted to send a message out there, so here it is."

From Pam's fairy:

"I am very excited to be able to tell you that 'WE' the guardian angels of Earth humans have been waiting for this day, when our humans start to communicate with us.

We can assist you so much more once you know of our existence and we start communicating with each other. We have so much to offer you. We are so excited.”

I absolutely agree with everything my fairy says. My fairy has been taking me on journeys to different places. She has been taking me through star gates to different places including a fairy city. She has been helping me to stimulate my creativity and has also been taking me to different places for healing. The healing is very different from anything I have experienced so far and I am feeling lighter. It is so wonderful to have discovered this new realm of existence and to be able to participate in it without restriction. I can't recommend it enough."
- Pam, SVH L3M, AMSE Stage 4

"Whenever Jill blesses us with another glorious gift, I find myself saying, “Wow! This is the best thing I have ever done!” This time, I am once again delighted and thrilled and so very grateful for the latest “Enhancing your innate abilities” seminar.

I have always been extremely clairsentient and audient, but my clairvoyance was something I did not feel confident in. I did a great deal of clearing to be able to accept that I was very blessed with those gifts and that maybe seeing was something I would just be a little less proficient in.

We are only on the third week and already I am seeing my angels and swirling colors and glorious landscapes. I am even hearing much more clearly and writing pages and pages of messages from my angels and guides. They have introduced themselves on a first name basis and I am feeling the delicious flavor of their sweet soft energy and allowing myself to take it in more deeply than ever.

The homework is pushing me past my comfort zone and really building my clair muscles. This one is a MUST!"
- Jewels, SVH L3M, AMSE Stage 4