Jill Marie and Serenity

The seeds of SVH were planted in 1996. They germinated and began to grow in 2000 and then blossomed in 2001. It was then that the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique began its worldwide outreach. Although this active form of prayer was primarily taught in Australia, practitioners began to spring up throughout the world.

The founder of this transformational prayer modality is Jill Marie. As a gifted clairaudient she channeled the mechanisms and principles of this active form of prayer directly from the Creator. She continues to update them.

Since the inception of SVH in 2000, Jill Marie has developed five instructional manuals to support the progressive courses and levels. She has recorded multiple guided visualization CDs and created four revolutionary mists made from vibrational Egyptian essential oils and holy water from Lourdes, France. Money generated from the sales of these products has been designated to support the Serenity Ministries.

A global outreach program developed by Jill Marie takes her and other like minded individuals to sacred sites, energy sites and places of religious and historical significance.

On these journeys the groups are messengers of peace and unity. They are committed to the purpose of bridging the cultural, religious and political gaps; supporting unity and peaceful alliances between peoples and countries. The director of these travels is a noted Egyptologist from Egypt, Elia Takla.

Practitioners of The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique have expanded to encompass nearly twenty countries.

The offices of Serenity Ministries are currently in Eagle, Idaho, where classes, community outreach projects and the hub of the ministry is buzzing with activity. Jill Marie implements global teleconference meditations, SVH tele-classes and private personal empowerment sessions. She also records bi-monthly lectures and discourses on specific topics that support personal empowerment, sovereignty and alignment with one’s sacred path and purpose. These free lectures are accessible to millions, through podcasts and as downloads from websites all over the globe.

Jill Marie teaches all levels of SVH. She is the exclusive instructor of the advanced courses, SVH Level 2 Mastery, SVH Level 3 & SVH Level 3 Mastery. These three courses are taught one on one and in group tele-classes throughout the year.

SVH Levels 1 through 2 are primarily instructed by the consortium of inspired and exceedingly qualified SVH instructors. Jill Marie does teach these courses in one on one tele-classes upon request and one time each year she offers a group course for levels 1-2.

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