No pre-requisites ~ Open to the public

Overcoming Rape and Molestation

A Mission for Inner-peace

Although the topic of this seminar is a shattering one that has caused long term mental, emotional and physical harm to millions in every timeline of human history, it is not my intention for this exchange to be heavy or to reopen old wounds or drag perpetrators through the mud.

We utilize SVH clearing profiles and comprehensive intervention methods in this seminar, to interface the past; extinguishing energies associated with the events of dishonor as the Creator rewrites the story of those old experiences.

Archangels Michael and Metatron assist to heal your inner-child wounds, back in the past, so you can step in to a new light that frees you to live a life that is free of the shadows of those devastating past events.

Even if you were not personally victimized in this way, hundreds of your ancestors could have been affected by this scourge and imprints of their experiences can limit your ability to feel safe and to attract honoring interpersonal relationships that involve physical or emotional intimacy. Clearing this energy in you, frees your progeny of this undesired legacy.

In the four weeks following this seminar, you receive weekly insightful and spirited homework assignments that are dedicated to fostering your joyful awakened spirit that is emancipated from the past. We lightheartedly forge new paths that hold the promise of inner peace, sovereignty and the ability to attract honoring relationships, worthy of forming strong emotional bonds.