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3-Part Course: 111€

No pre-requisites ~ Open to the public

A full payment of 111€ provides access to the complete 3-part series..


Communicate with dolphins, whales, wild and domesticated animals, birds and even your favorite rose bush. See in to the magical world of fairies and experience the magic these legendary creatures possess.

If you have ever wanted to talk to your dog or cat or horse or to know what your plants need or want, this class is for you.

In this three-part seminar series, developing your ability to communicate with plants and All Gods Creatures changes the way you look at the world.

Everything is sentient and has a consciousness, a voice and an ability to communicate with you. In this course we awaken innate abilities and pierce veils that previously limited your intercommunication with the sentient world around you.

We connect with Gaia at a heart level to activate a primordial link to the sentient Earth, stimulating telepathic abilities that interpret the distinctive plant and animal languages.

This seminar is a gift to you, your animal friends and the plant kingdom. They long to communicate with you.