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No pre-requisites ~ Open to the public

Attract & Enhance Honoring Relationships

3-part series


Creating Ideal Relationships


Identify Destructive Patterns

Change the Dynamic

Plant the Seeds of Ideal Relationships

Reap the Harvest

Raise the bar on your relationships with food, money, friends, family members, beloveds, work and spirituality.

Abusive or unhealthy relationships keep the same story lines playing over and over.

The labyrinths of relationship dynamics that exist within the quantum framework of Earth's collective are infinite. We have the ability to create nearly any reality we desire, but instead, most people keep playing out the same stories over and over.

This focus of this three month seminar series is loving and honoring self. Through that appreciation, you raise the bar on your relationships with the people in your life, the food you eat, the money you attract and the experiences you inspire.

Each segment of this series is dedicated to healing broken relationships, enhancing those that are honoring and helping you to discern relationships that are damaging and dishonoring.

Learn how to attract and enhance an ideal relationship dynamic
with every one and every thing in your life.

This seminar is to live for!


part 1: Saturday, November 22 (archived)
part 2: Saturday, December 20 (archived)
part 3: Saturday, January 17 (archived)
part 4: Saturday, February 21

4:00pm / New York, Eastern Standard Time (EST)


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